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We selected top nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors to review and compare meal delivery services.

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Last Updated: June 2021

Dr. Ana Coito

Medical & science writer / Biomedical Engineer / Neuroscientist

I hold a PhD in Neuroscience, an MSc and a BSc in Biomedical Engineering and a CAS in Nutrition. As a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist, I have used my engineering expertise applied to the medical field (more specifically neuroscience and neurology). In my PhD and Postdoc work, I recorded, processed, and analyzed EEG recordings of epilepsy patients by applying electrical source imaging and functional connectivity methods to study brain networks. I am the author of more than 20 scientific publications. Besides neuroscience and biomedical engineering, I am also very interested in Nutrition, more specifically the link between brain health and nutritional choices or the gut-brain interaction.

Kathleen S.

Health & Wellness Expert / Writer

Kathleen has over 10 years experience specializing in Health and Wellness, Food, Nutrition, Gardening, and DIY. Kathleen is personally interested in holistic living and nutrition. She is an avid home cook and enthusiastic about using raw and natural ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible making her the ultimate go-to for knowing what is best to manage home and cooking.

April F.

Recipe Contributor / Home-Cook 

April's specialilty includes blog posts relating to food. She also spends her time writing recipes, how-to articles, and product reviews. With her family owning and operating a beef cattle farm, April regularly cooks, gardens, and sews. Being a busy mom of four children, she has the expertise in knowing how to expand the standard at-home menu with minimal effort. If something involves making a home a lovely place to be, April is interested in writing about it.

Leigh M.

Nutrition Expert / Writer

Leigh specializes in Health & Wellness, Integrative Health, Self-improvement, and Nutrition & Fitness to name a few. She has an understanding and passion for meal kit delivery based on the efficiency it brings. Leigh's qualification highlights include being a former teacher for 3 years, MBA level education in Marketing, Corporate Medical Management, Marketing, and Analytics certifications, research writing, and practical experience.

Jennifer B.

Bestselling Author / Food Newsletter Editor

Jennifer is an award-winning writer specializing in travel, food, history, and is a bestselling author. She is the author of six books, including two cookbooks, and edits the Kitchen Witch newsletter. Jennifer's interests are the same as her specialties: focusing on food, travel, and health stories. She has written for several publications including The New York Times, Smithsonian, and National Geographic Traveler.