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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with Meal Kits

Kickstart 2024 with a little help from meal delivery kits.

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Last Updated: December 14, 2023

It’s easy enough to declare a New Year’s resolution—exercise more, eat better, live with less stress—but the real challenge is to transform your temporary resolution into a lasting, daily routine. Whether it’s losing weight or finding a new hobby, online meal delivery could be the ace up your sleeve.

If you’re unfamiliar with meal delivery, let’s explain. Online meal delivery is a popular food and grocery service where companies ship ingredients, prepared entrees, or frozen meals straight to a customer’s front door.

There’s a wide range of meal delivery companies on the market, so it's likely you’ll find a kit suited to your goals and resolutions.

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1) Help You Lose Weight

Right before the ball dropped into 2024, 47% of surveyed Americans with a New Year’s resolution said theirs was to eat healthier. This popular New Year’s Resolution is also one of the most successful long-term strategies for long-term weight loss.

If you’re a part of the majority trying to lose in 2024, consider starting with what’s on your plate. Meal delivery companies specialize in designing, packing, and shipping healthy meals directly to their customers' doors. Some companies offer low-calorie meal kits designed just for weight loss.

If you’re not losing weight, but you’re an athlete looking to simplify your mealtime, meal kits can provide the nutrition your body requires. Meal delivery companies offer protein-packed meals for weight lifters, carb-heavy foods for endurance athletes, and just about anything else you could need for your sport.

See the list of our favorite meal delivery kits for weight loss and athletic performance, below:

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2) Save You Money

It never hurts to have some extra pocket change. For those trying to fatten our piggy banks in 2024, traditional takeout can dip deeply into our efforts. In the US, the average takeout price for one person is $13 before tip, and the average family spends about $3,000 a year dining out. If only there was a cheaper, healthier alternative to takeout…

You guessed it: meal delivery is significantly cheaper than takeout. Some meal delivery companies offer $5 entrees, with seasonal promotions and deals dropping that price even lower.

Now, you’re probably thinking “I bet all of the cost is hidden in the delivery fees.” That’s just not the case: the majority of meal delivery companies offer free shipping on any order, big or small.

We compiled a list of particularly inexpensive meal delivery companies that we love. Check it out, below:

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3) Eat Healthier and Tastier Food

If you’re in the popular New Year’s resolution camp trying to eat healthier this year, you may have a difficult road ahead. In the US, fresh and healthy ingredients tend to be more expensive and harder to find compared to their fatty, preservative-stuffed counterparts.

If you want to eat healthier, but skip on the added stress and price of shopping for natural ingredients, give meal delivery a shot. Many meal delivery companies have high standards for their ingredients: organic, fresh, USDA-approved, never-frozen, etc. When shopping around for a meal delivery service, look for companies that offer meals featuring leafy greens, bright-colored vegetables, lean protein, and whole-grain carbohydrates.

Meal delivery companies often let customers filter their meal choices based on popular diet trends. Try filtering your meal choices for “Healthy,” “Whole 30,” “Mediterranean,” or “Balanced”: you’ll be left with a delicious menu of good-for-you choices.

Take a peek at our favorite healthy meal delivery companies, below:

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4) Save You Time

If you’re reaching for a new goal, you’re going to need more time on your hands. Although meal delivery services cannot magically create a 25th hour in the day, they can save you an average of an hour each day in prep and cooking time.

Meal delivery allows customers to bypass a few steps of the mealtime process. Customers who love to cook can order something called a meal delivery kit: a pre-portioned ingredient box featuring cooking instructions. Meal delivery kits allow cooks to skip the planning and grocery shopping required for traditional dinnertime, focusing more on the joy of cooking itself. Other customers might hate cooking altogether: these folks can order premade meal delivery options, meals that arrive ready to “heat and eat” in a matter of minutes.

To save hours a week on meal preparation, cooking, and cleanup, see our premade meal list:

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5) Help You Go Keto (And Stick to It)

Diets are only considered “successful” when the dieter accomplishes two tasks: 1) loses weight and, 2) keeps the weight off. Many Americans can manage the first goal, but the second tends to stump us—some experts believe only 5% of dieters maintain the weight they lost in the long term.

On top of the somewhat dire statistics, the keto diet is particularly difficult to follow. For the fat-heavy, zero-carb keto diet to work, carbohydrates and sugars have to be nearly eliminated from your plate. When you consider that a banana has enough natural sugar to exceed a keto dieter’s daily sugar intake outright, it’s easy to see just how brutal “going keto” can be. Luckily, we have meal delivery.

Luckily, we have meal delivery.

Keto meal delivery makes going keto so much easier. No guessing at the grocery store, no time wasted on web forums asking if “ingredient X” meets your keto goals: customers receive delicious keto meals, eat, and lose the weight.

In addition to our keto meal delivery page listed below, our site also features top ten lists for vegetarian, vegan, Whole 30, gluten-free, Mediterranean, and paleo meal delivery kits.

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Start Your 2024 with Meal Delivery

2024 is here. No matter your goals or resolutions, we think meal delivery could be a key part of your success.

For the comprehensive list of our favorite meal delivery companies, follow our link, below:

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We wish you a happy and successful New Year!